Looking for great restaurants in Central Nicosia? Whether you are going for a heartwarming  brunch to start your day, a healthy Mediterranean dish, or something more contemporary and upbeat, there are plenty of great restaurants in central Nicosia for every taste. And the good news is, they are found just a few minutes away from our Urban Habitat Executive Suites! 

We have tried them all and we present you the best rest options here:

Address: Stasikratous 26A
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Price range: $$
Cuisine: Wine bar, Italian, Spanish, European

Our restaurant partner Artigiano is a modern, elegant yet cozy place located just 180 meters away from us. Artigiano serves fantastic breakfast, brunch and lunch and transforms into an exquisite wine bar in the evening offering a wide selection of fine wines and delightful cocktails. 

Our guests can purchase breakfast vouchers from us at only 10 Euros per person, to be redeemed at Artigiano. 

Skinny Fox
Address: Menandrou 14
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Price range: $$$
Cuisine: Contemporary, International

A favourite and award-winning restaurant in Nicosia that blends ideally Mediterranean and other ethnic cuisines with a more contemporary touch. People flock here from all corners of the island to enjoy truly authentic dishes and a modern yet welcoming ambiance that is hard to find anywhere else. The entire place--from the overall design and decor to the drink bar and the actual dishes-- is a reflection of its owner's vision to offer a totally unique gastronomic experience in Nicosia. Must try dishes: grilled tuna, creamy lobster risotto, rib eye steak, and steam bao with duck. Don’t forget to accompany any of these with a fine wine like the famous Chilean Chardonnay (2015) and finish your meal off with one of the signature sweets offered by the restaurant. We especially recommend the “millefeuille” infused with elderflower syrup.  

Barrique Wine & Deli
Address: Menandrou 4
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Price range: $$$
Cuisine: Italian, European, Wine Bar

If you are looking for a cosy place to eat dinner and enjoy some fine wine, barrique is definitely a good choice to try out in Central nicosia. The wine selection is very broad and you’ll even find a few rare wines of limited edition to try, from Cyprus and abroad. Although the food menu offerings are not as unique or contemporary as “Skinny Fox”,  there are certainly several options for lovers of Mediterranean cuisine including but not limited to: pate-terrine platters, salmon fillet, creamy chicken pasta, sandwiches and Italian-style salads, and desserts. The only downside of the restaurant is that there are very few vegetarian options and no 100% vegan dish currently on the menu but you can ask for the removal of some ingredients in a dish to accommodate your vegan diet. 

Address: Zinas Kanther 11
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Price range: $$
Cuisine: French 

Located in the heart of old Nicosia town near Makarios Avenue, Paul has managed to become a staple choice for bruch lovers in Nicosia and beyond. The historic French bakery, cafe and restaurant chain that opened its doors in Cyprus back in 2017 is here to stay for good. The forthcoming French ambiance with rustic and retro elements, the laid-back music, and of course its signature pastries and brunch dishes make good reasons to visit this place repeatedly. If you are going for breakfast or brunch, we highly suggest the french quiche, the gourmandise croissant, the croque madame toast, and the Paul big breakfast with eggs, mushrooms, and bacon. They are totally delicious and greatly complement a nice cup of French coffee. If you also stop by for lunch or dinner, try the chicken stuffed pastries as a starter, the falafel sandwich with salad (for vegans), or the Grilled Sea Bass. Those with a sweet tooth will also love the range of classic French desserts offered in the menu such as macaroons, creme brulee, and salty caramel cake. 

Address: Prevezis 10
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Price range: $$$
Cuisine: Latin America, Asia, Fusion

A fairly new addition to Nicosia’s gastronomic scene, Tocayo is an interesting fusion of Peruvian, S. American and Asian cuisines. Currently the only one of its kind on the island and the first restaurant that proves all these cuisines can be married nicely. The restaurant's minimalist ambiance that plays among the hues of black, white, gray and metal definitely leaves a lasting yet not intrusive impression. It’s one of the top places in Nicosia that you must try for a unique dinner in a calm and contemporary atmosphere, if you are willing to spare a little more than the average 20 euro/person in Cyprus. If you are a seafood lover definitely try the Peruvian sea bass ceviche as a starter or the prawn dumplings cooked in sepia. They strike the perfect balance between salty, tart, and spicy. Meat lovers will also love the beef steak with chimichurri sauce on the side and the Peruvian style chicken. Vegetarians and vegans will also be pleasantly accommodated as there are some 100% vegan dishes too on the menu. The wine and drink list, although not very extensive, offers some really fine choices to accompany your meal. 

Pyxida Fish Tavern
Address: Menandrou 5
Visit their website
Price range: $$$
Cuisine: Seafood, Mediterranean

With the slogan “as fresh as it gets” you can bet that this fish tavern is serious about the freshness and quality of their fish/seafood dishes. And they certainly live up to the visitors’ expectations. Pyxida is actually a small chain fish tavern with 4 restaurants across the island. In Nicosia, it is located in central Nicosia just a couple of minutes away from Urban habitat executive suites and other famous landmarks. Although the exterior doesn’t stand out from a distance and lacks that Greek “by the sea” magic (obviously), its softly hued pastel blue, green, white, and pink design with rustic wood and metal accents looks totally welcoming and compensates for the lackluster exterior. The famous fish tavern  goes beyond the typical Greek Cypriot fish tavern that serves only a handful of fried fish and seafood dishes. You can also find a raw fish section and exclusive chef dishes like the blue tuna fish tartar, raw clams, and the slowly-cooked fish wrapped in vine leaves. 

Silver Pot
Address: Themistokli Dervi 3E​
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Price range: $ - $$
Cuisine: European, Contemporary

Up until a few years ago, vegans in Cyprus had a hard time finding an eatery that is truly vegan-friendly in a sea of meat and fish-focused restaurants. Although not totally vegan, Silver pot is a great place to enjoy a vegan (or non vegan) breakfast and brunch as there are at least two vegan options on the menu each day and a few standards. If you are not a vegan, definitely try their scrambled eggs on toast, their waffle and fruit pancakes, and of course their freshly brewed coffees and smoothies to complement your brunch. The cosy and simple ambiance with a few retro touches paired with a great customer service will definitely make you feel welcome. It’s a little spot located in the heart of Nicosia that you certainly don’t want to miss.

There are just a few of the best options to eat and drink in central Nicosia, covering virtually all tastes, cuisines, and budgets. If you’ll be staying in our Urban Habitat Executive Suites you can visit them even by foot as they are at a really close range. 


1 - Artigiano
2 - Skinny Fox
3 - Barrique Wine & Deli
4 - PAUL
5 - Tocayo
6 - Pyxida Fish tavern
7 - Silver Pot

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